Nota sobre las subespecies del culpeo (Dusicyon culpaeus) en Magallanes
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Nota sobre las subespecies del culpeo (Dusicyon culpaeus) en Magallanes

    Autor(es):   Markham, Brent J.

    Palabras claves:   Fauna  -  Mamíferos  -  Culpeo (Dusicyon culpaeus)

    Cobertura geográfica:   Magallanes  -  Patagonia  -  Tierra del Fuego

    Tipo de documento:   Articulo

    Fuente:  Anales del Instituto de la Patagonia

  • Abstract:
    Material consisting mainly of skulls, of the Culpeo (Dusicyon cul paeus), collected in Magallanes, was analyzed. This material indicates that three distinct subspecies of D. culpaeus exist in Magallanes ; the two races suggested in earlier works, magellanicus and lycoides, as weil as third subspecies, apparently culpaeus. The Tierra del Fuego subspecies, lycoides, is distinguishable from the continental subspecies, magellanicus, by larger cranial measurements but with a proportionately narrower postorbital constriction. Other than sma- 11er size, the culpaeus skull is characterized by a cranial cavity, propor tionately wider than in the other forms. Also, the reddish colour of the hair of culpaeus appears to be more intense than in magellanicus. The culpaeus subspecies is probably con fined to the área of the canal evergreen forest of western Magallanes.
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